August 29, 2010


The Fab stands for the weirdness in me and for the weirdness in my brain.

Last week I went with school to the 'gemeentemuseum Den Haag'.
There was a wall where you could write on. So I drawed the logo of the fab on it.
See above, the logo...

The Fab doesn't stand for the fabulous. I would never call myself fabulous.
It stands for the factory. As you can see in the picture. (that weird square thingy)
Factory in Dutch is 'fabriek'. So the weirdness in my brain links that to fabric. The fab...
All though I know it's factory, I like the name. I like to see it as a mix between English and Dutch.

So The Fab stands for the factory and not for the fabulous.
That's a point I want to make real clear !

The factory stands for the factory of on going creativity and thoughts in my head.
It sounds kind of cool, but sometimes it's not...
Sometimes it feels as if my thoughts and feelings goes three times faster than it should go.
One of my best friends Ella told me that she wants to know what's going on in my mind,
but that I never tell her. And I simply replied that I couldn't.
Because if something bad happened to me in the morning, I spent the afternoon mocking about it
and in the evening I already forgot about it.
It just goes so fast in my head that it's impossible to keep people up to date.
The Fab is created to catch some of those thoughts and to share it with the world.
So people can see what I see, and hear what I hear.
To show the things where I find inspiration in. And to show the things I love and like.

So that is why my blog looks like a big mess of everything.
But so is my life, and so will be The Fab.


remember I watched Asterix and Obelix last week ?
well today I watched Lucky Luke, haha..
how I love those old movies !


Last week Max and I were so Juno.
We laughed about mens maxi pads.
haha.. that's just so gross !

ps - Max is a girl.

August 26, 2010

don't worry jack, you will soon be mine !


..Met a cute boy yesterday on the train.
But off course he didn't paid his ticket so he had to step out at the next station with
the stupid train people to get a huge fine.
Bye boy, have a nice life without me.

August 20, 2010


Have you ever heard of The Sartorialist ?
Well, you should have !

The Sartorialist is a blog from photographer Scott Schuman.
He has worked in fashion for 15 years and he even had his own showroom.
2 short years ago, he decided to start something new.
So he closed his showroom and he began focusing on photography.

'...I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life.'

'I didn't want to become a "fashion photographer" but I knew somehow that my loves of fashion and photography would eventually merge. I just never guessed it would be in the form of a blog.'

Scott's blog has grown big and got the respect it deserves.
He's got fans and lovers all over the world.
Designers use his photographs on their moodboards.
And celebrities hope he will photograph them.

And that's why I want to thank God for The Sartorialist !

Because his photographs are so real and pure.
The way he captures the love between friends, family and couples.
The way the backgrounds doesn't take the attention away of the people.
The way he shows the details, without showing of.
The way he makes it look so easily.
And the way he photographs the normal, daily, but beautiful things in life.
And I can't help love life and it's real people.

bises, Shinowa




I visited my grandparents yesterday.
here's a part of the conversation.

'Are you leaving already ?'
'Yes, sorry grandma. We're going to buy some paint for my room.'
'Oh well okay. You've grown large lately !'
'No grandma, I am wearing my heels.'
'Yes yes, you grow so fast ! How old are you again ?'
'I am 18. But I'm on heels grandma !'
'Look how fast she grows pa !'
'Bye grandma. See you next time...'

Isn't she a darling ?!
But somehow, I always feel tired when I leave...

bises, Shinowa

August 15, 2010


sorry. It's been a while. I've been busy.
and I am still busy. It's kind of killing me. I am feeling it everywhere in my body.
Last november I quited school and my job. I've done nothing for seven months. So now, after a month of hard working, I could use a vacation. Well, my body could use a vacation. I woke up today more tired then when I went to sleep. And my back hurts. I guess I've been lifting to heavy things. And worse... Tomorrow, monday aint my day. No, they need me in a meeting. So today I did nothing to prepare myself on next week. Today I just layed half death on my bed watching True Jackson VP and an Asterix and Obelix movie. I know, I am very ashamed. Just deal with it. Now this will be my last week of vacation. I am excited about beginning a new study ! Finally I can do something I really like. And this time I won't fuck it up. I hope...

bises, Shinowa

August 7, 2010


today I felt like cutting my hair. so I did...
with The Pretty Reckless's 'Make me wanna die' on the background on repeat.
after I was done I played around for a while with my cut offed hair
and after that I started dancing and loudly singing on 'Cherry bomb' of The Runaways.
it's my favourite way to spent a Saturay !
bises, Shinowa

ps -- Blogger messed up the quality of my pics. sorry.
pps -- today I also decided that I will never ever go to a hairdresser again.
ppps -- I still can't believe it, Mark Ronson, blond !
pppps -- last night I dreamed I found an unknown album of Coldplay. wish it was true...



August 5, 2010


to destroy such a cutie like him...
argh, the stylists of these days no style !

August 3, 2010



Today someone at work asked me if I was born in Holland.
Because, for reasons unknown, he thought I didn't.

I asked him what he thougt I was. He replied:
'I don't know, just not Dutch.'

Fun thing was, he is Turkish and looks Dutch.
FYI. So do I. I think...

I can't help seeing it as a compliment.

August 2, 2010


I used to hate mondays. Untill I saw a little thank you note from THX THX THX.
I will show you...

When I saw this thank you note, I knew she was right.
Mondays used to be boring for me. I always spended the days alone. Because everyone had something to do. Except me. Now I keep the mondays free. So I can spent it alone. Doing things just for me. I noticed that I am feeling better now I got a day of my own. I just love spending it sleeping, laying down, day dreaming, reading blogs, or magazines, or books, watching movies, and tv, D.I.Y-ing, listening to music, rearranging my closet while ending up making new outfits and all that kind of stuff. Now if you don't mind. I'd like to go back to 'My Day'.

bises, Shinowa

August 1, 2010


It's hard to start a blog.
I've been there before. But this time will be different.

This time I will take the time to introduce myself..
So, I am Shinowa Dawson from Holland.
Yes, the country of the Wallen and the legal drugs.
No, I don't have drugs for you..
..Just making it clear.

My daily life isn't that interesting, but I make worth living.
Luckily I have got some best friends to help me out with that.
I only got four. Not much you think. But I know they will stay forever.
You will probably meet them in the future.

In a few weeks I will start my study fashion stylist. I am so excited!
I will start in the second year. So only three years to go! Whoo!
And after that.. well, who knows ?
I'll tell when I get there.

And about the job. I work at the meat department in a supermarket.
Not real heavy metal, but it's money. And cool people work there.
Can't call them friends..

And that's it for now,
nice meeting you.

bises, Shinowa