August 15, 2010


sorry. It's been a while. I've been busy.
and I am still busy. It's kind of killing me. I am feeling it everywhere in my body.
Last november I quited school and my job. I've done nothing for seven months. So now, after a month of hard working, I could use a vacation. Well, my body could use a vacation. I woke up today more tired then when I went to sleep. And my back hurts. I guess I've been lifting to heavy things. And worse... Tomorrow, monday aint my day. No, they need me in a meeting. So today I did nothing to prepare myself on next week. Today I just layed half death on my bed watching True Jackson VP and an Asterix and Obelix movie. I know, I am very ashamed. Just deal with it. Now this will be my last week of vacation. I am excited about beginning a new study ! Finally I can do something I really like. And this time I won't fuck it up. I hope...

bises, Shinowa

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