August 29, 2010


The Fab stands for the weirdness in me and for the weirdness in my brain.

Last week I went with school to the 'gemeentemuseum Den Haag'.
There was a wall where you could write on. So I drawed the logo of the fab on it.
See above, the logo...

The Fab doesn't stand for the fabulous. I would never call myself fabulous.
It stands for the factory. As you can see in the picture. (that weird square thingy)
Factory in Dutch is 'fabriek'. So the weirdness in my brain links that to fabric. The fab...
All though I know it's factory, I like the name. I like to see it as a mix between English and Dutch.

So The Fab stands for the factory and not for the fabulous.
That's a point I want to make real clear !

The factory stands for the factory of on going creativity and thoughts in my head.
It sounds kind of cool, but sometimes it's not...
Sometimes it feels as if my thoughts and feelings goes three times faster than it should go.
One of my best friends Ella told me that she wants to know what's going on in my mind,
but that I never tell her. And I simply replied that I couldn't.
Because if something bad happened to me in the morning, I spent the afternoon mocking about it
and in the evening I already forgot about it.
It just goes so fast in my head that it's impossible to keep people up to date.
The Fab is created to catch some of those thoughts and to share it with the world.
So people can see what I see, and hear what I hear.
To show the things where I find inspiration in. And to show the things I love and like.

So that is why my blog looks like a big mess of everything.
But so is my life, and so will be The Fab.

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