August 1, 2010


It's hard to start a blog.
I've been there before. But this time will be different.

This time I will take the time to introduce myself..
So, I am Shinowa Dawson from Holland.
Yes, the country of the Wallen and the legal drugs.
No, I don't have drugs for you..
..Just making it clear.

My daily life isn't that interesting, but I make worth living.
Luckily I have got some best friends to help me out with that.
I only got four. Not much you think. But I know they will stay forever.
You will probably meet them in the future.

In a few weeks I will start my study fashion stylist. I am so excited!
I will start in the second year. So only three years to go! Whoo!
And after that.. well, who knows ?
I'll tell when I get there.

And about the job. I work at the meat department in a supermarket.
Not real heavy metal, but it's money. And cool people work there.
Can't call them friends..

And that's it for now,
nice meeting you.

bises, Shinowa

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