August 7, 2010


today I felt like cutting my hair. so I did...
with The Pretty Reckless's 'Make me wanna die' on the background on repeat.
after I was done I played around for a while with my cut offed hair
and after that I started dancing and loudly singing on 'Cherry bomb' of The Runaways.
it's my favourite way to spent a Saturay !
bises, Shinowa

ps -- Blogger messed up the quality of my pics. sorry.
pps -- today I also decided that I will never ever go to a hairdresser again.
ppps -- I still can't believe it, Mark Ronson, blond !
pppps -- last night I dreamed I found an unknown album of Coldplay. wish it was true...

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Serendipitychild said...

Oooh, brave. I cut my own hair a few weeks ago and I was really upset after because I did a terrible job and I hadn't photographed my long long hair.
However I got my sister to tidy it up for me and it's all good now. I don't want to ever go to a hair dressers either!