September 6, 2010


Tomorrow I will start a one week crash dieet of a slice of bread, ice thee, hot chocolat and whatever my mom kooks for dinner. Yes, yes, I know crash dieets are bad. Yes, yes, I know ice thee and hot chocolat are bad too. But for reasons unknown I just can't drink water unless it's terribly hot. And the hot chocolat is because I'm damn cold all the time. I can't help it that summer decided to go home early this year. Yes i know, this won't do good for my health ! I don't care ! I just add a vitamin pill to the crash dieet...

ps - I probably should say that crash dieets are bad and stuff. But then I also want to say that I choose to follow this crash dieet. I know, stupid. So kids, don't try this at home and stay in school ! ...Not that I did

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