September 10, 2010


omg, OMG, Oh My God !
Just found out that Moonlight is back on tv !
Moonlight yeah ! The first tv serie (after Buffy) about vampires and still the best !
The most underrated tv serie I have to add to that. Because when I tell people about it they're always like 'Who?' and I always respond something like 'Moonligth, you know ? Moonlight ! ...You don't know Moonlight ?' 'No, should I?' 'Uh yes... It's so amazing and cool and he is so hot !' 'When is it on ?' 'It's every Tuesday at 21:30.' 'Cool, I will watch it next Tuesday !'
Aah... Back in the good old days when vampires weren't that popular yet.

bises, Shinowa

ps - yes, I still know the day and time from 2 years ago.
pps - and yes I admit it... I am not a Twilight fan.

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